Thursday, 22 October 2009

Crossbones 'Poda! Step! Minimix'

Crossbones 'Poda! Step! Minimix' (click here to download)


The Beach Boys - Wipeout
Major Lazer - Hold The Line (Crossbones Hold The 5-0 Edit)
Joy Division - Isolation (Crossbones Breaks Edit)
The Clash - Magnificant Dance
Crossbones - Jimmy Mack
Crossbones - Makemba
Esser - Headlock
Burial - Raver (Crossbones Edit)
The Very Best - Cape Cod (Crossbones Edit)

Hailing from the depths of commuter wasteland in central Essex and breaking out of the wave that kick-started the Chelmsford underground club scene late 2007, Crossbones made his name co-running the county town’s first ever underground electro/bass club, This.Is.Sick.

Following the success of this, sets with Drums of Death, Niyi, Foamo, Tomb Crew, L-VIS 1990 and many others have seen his skills as a DJ go from strength to strength.

A life-long fascination with dance music of all kinds combined with a fiendish dedication to laptop production, undoubtedly make Crossbones one to watch in 2010.

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