Tuesday, 30 November 2010

NYE 2010

Friday December 31st
9pm - 4am

The Hobby Horse
281 Kingsland Road, Dalston
E2 8AS

New Years I'm guest djing this all-nite-long so if you want to hang out, this is where you need to be. House Party after, or maybe breakfast, who knows! I'm sure it'll be just superb!

leave requests in the comments and I'll be sure to play them, regardless of what they are.

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Saturday December 11th
8pm - 2am

38 Great Eastern Street
Hoxton, London

Amp + Deck Dj
Slutty Fringe Dj
Tas Elias Dj
Kylie (Sweet Dreams/Gash) Dj
Strong Look Dj
Adrian Storry (Whatever Happened to P-Rock?) Dj

"A night dedicated to the wonder of ’90s slacker. Remember movies like 'Idle Hands', 'Clerks', 'Empire Records', 'Reality Bites' and 'American Pie'? Slackers pays homage to them and the music that was the soundtrack to Generation X, from the 'Pumpkins to Pixies via all the records you have hidden in a shoebox at your parents house.

Plus ’90s film visuals and a whole lotta boozing. We might even have red plastic cups."

Like, SO excited. I guess.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Thursday November 18th
8pm - 2am

70 Hoxton St,
N1 6LP

It's all kitten compliments at the The Macbeth this Thursday
I'll be there, hopefully wearing a painting of a cat, dancing with Randy who will be wearing a sweet cat-sweater.

"We're making a party for our furry friends with the world's premier cat-appreciation site - CATPARTY


//Shitbox (Cat Party Posse)
////Barry Manilow (Furry Surprise)
//////Topsy (Smash and Cat)
////////Grimalkin and Aids Cat (I Heart Cats)
//////////Snags and Lennifer (Cat Party Admin)
////////////Lucifer (Catskills Records)
///////////////Fab Fly Freddy Furry Butler (Cat Party Posse)
/////////////////Dance Magic Moggy

Free Fish Finger butties on the BBQ
Free White Russian Milk Shots
Free entry for humans
Free catnip for cats

+ 200 free limited edition Cat Party badges to be given away (five different designs)!"

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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Prohibition Arts Club @The Volks, Brighton

3 Madeira Drive

Wednesday November 17th
10:30pm - 4am

NEW! Prohibition Arts Club Launch Party at The Volks, Brighton
multi-discipline event with films, art and anything goes vibe with prizes for best-dressed!

I'm guest djing the whole night. It's gonna get rly ridiculous, and there will be lots of dancing, what more can I say!

send requests via twitter or on the event wall

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Eclectic Like Whoopi: Year Anniversary!!

70 Hoxton St,
N1 6LP
9pm - 2am

Saturday 06/11/10
free entry all nite long

Last month the strong look + thomas crossbones tag team literally jumped at the chance of guesting at Eclectic Like Whoopi at The Alibi, playing rare treats such as Chef, Inspector Gadget and the 5ive megamix to a mixture of dancing, cheers, booooo's n' 'V-signs', surely that guy ment to put up 5 fingers right? Obv, hand issues. (but he did it for the whole 10minutes?! strong.)

After the last ridiculous and astounding month Eclectic Like Whoopi is back at The Macbeth for it's first birthday (Oh!) and it's Roxy's birthday too (Oh!!), so expect smash upon smash.
Myself and T. Crossbones will be guests again alongside many of the amazing guests Eclectic Like Whoopi has featured in it's first year.

Hopefully we'll bust a full barbershop version of Afroman 'Because I Got High' too, it has been rumoured, and wouldn't that be just hilarious!

see here for further info


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Under The Volcano @The Yard, Brighton

Friday 05/11/10
The Yard, Morley St.

I'm special guesting at this week's Under The Volcano for Teen Creep's.

The Source magazine's guest's upstairs will be Superheroes of BMX - which is a great Mogwai song title that I was massively disappointed in the actual song, same as other great Mogwai titles such as 'I am not Batman' or 'I know you are but what am I?'.

here's some further info