Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Thursday 21st October
8pm - 2am

70 Hoxton St,
N1 6LP

This Thursday I'm djing I Heart at The Macbeth

here's the details

"This month we're all hearted up for skate-inspired clothing brand FENCHURCH

Free late night party fun will be bought to you buy

/// One Man Destruction Show (live)

DJ sets from
///// Bartleberry
/////// Strong Look
//////// Hell Yeah
///////// Black Rainbow

There's also a free BBQ and a competition to win your own personally designed artwork and there will be beer, some of which will be free. super.

8pm - 2am
free for all

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Eclectic Like Whoopi this Thursday at The Alibi, London

Thursday October 14th
9pm - 3am

91 Kingsland Road
E8 2PB

This Thursday I'm djing with Thomas Crossbones at Eclectic Like Whoopi, it's FREE and it's gonna be alot, alot of FUN

read this info -

"Like the perennial old hag herself, Eclectic Like Whoopi is once again opening its doors, upon thursday October 14th. Also like the dreaded voodoo queen, our Whoopi likes to get around and so we are once again we are hosting the night at the Alibi, a far cry from our usual home of the Macbeth. But it was such a success last timei that we thought why the hell not.

When asked in Sister Act 2 what her favourite music is, our
Whoopi replies in her lacquered lesbian tones: "My music taste is eclectic y'all." This was the inspiration for our club night.

You'll find no ridgid, repressive, music policy restrictions here; if your pallet stretches further than a single musical genre, then this night is aimed at you.

Last time around Sean Paul knocked heads with Bruce Springsteen, So Solid Crew with Stevie Wonder, East 17 with Aaliyah, ODB with The Rolling Stones, Little Richard with old Lionel Richie.

The amazing, the awful, the hilarious, the classic, the nostalgic - literally anything could be played.

We've only booked DJ's who are sure to be great fun and unpredictable in their musical choices - expect to hear the likes of... well anyone.


And its FREE!"