Tuesday, 19 March 2013

SPRING BREAKERS Launch & After Party with SEXTAPE DJs

To celebrate the release of Harmony Korine's much-anticipated SPRING BREAKERS we are throwing a party on the film's opening night.

Friday 5 April, 9.30pm

Korine's playful yet satirical take on modern American youth culture follows four college students (the irony of casting former Disney starlets Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens is not lost here), who fund their Spring Break vacation by robbing a fast-food restaurant.
On arriving in Florida, they party too hard and are arrested. They're bailed out by local mobster/partygoer Alien (an unrecognisable James Franco). Here the film takes surprise turns, and as you would expect from a director like Korine, there is more at work than the trashy genre aesthetic he has created.

After the film we'll be joining Brighton's own Sextape DJs in the Komedia Studio Bar for a night of Spring Break vibes, featuring cuts from the original soundtrack - by Cliff Martinez (DRIVE) and Dubstep maestro Skrillex - and no doubt a few Britney Spears tunes too.

FILM: 9:30PM - Duke's at Komedia, Screen 1

PARTY: 11:30PM - Komedia Studio Bar 

We also have some SPRING BREAKERS T-shirts and posters as prizes to give away on the night. Open till late!

Beach wear and unicorn balaclava's are encouraged! 


Tickets Available Now: 

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