Thursday, 4 August 2011

Eclectic Like Whoopi tonite at The Shacklewell Arms

at The Shacklewell Arms

Thursday August 4th
9pm - late

71 Shacklewell Lane
E8 2EB

"We're always looking for new haunts to host a Whoopi and then the Shacklewell Arms emerged in all its glory, and we thought what better venue to throw a little summer fiesta. On Thursday 4th of August Whoopi will be swooping into town once again, and we have high hopes that it'll be one of our best yet.

When asked in Sister Act 2 what her favourite music is, our Whoopi replies in her lacquered manly tones: "My music taste is eclectic y'all." This was the inspiration for our club night.

You'll find no ridgid, repressive, music policy restrictions here; if your pallet stretches further than a single musical genre, then this night is aimed at you.

The amazing, the awful, the hilarious, the patriotic, the classic, the nostalgic, the festive - literally anything could be played.

We've only booked DJ's who are sure to be great fun and unpredictable in their musical choices - expect to hear the likes of... well anyone.

Full lineup to be announced soon.


£3 entry

Clip on a dread and we'll see y'all there x

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