Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Where Is My Mind? LAUNCH NIGHT (A new week night party for people who REALLY like music)

Starting on December 3rd is a new Thursday night club experience, happening at the always improving NEW HERO in Brighton.

What is Where Is My Mind? Well we will tell you.

Imagine if you coudl go to a night and not sit there thinking "oh god not this fucking song again".

Imagine if you went to a night and they played a song only you thought you knew about.

Imagine if you could go to a night and not have to put up with 400 people who only went as they walked along the beach and had no where better to go.

Imagine if you went to a night and the people playing the songs cared about what they played

Imagine if you went to a night and they played current new songs from upcoming bands as well as established acts and classics all in one massive party

Well shit the bed you don't need to dream anymore, Where Is My Mind? is the club night for you. We care about what we play and want you to have fun, having give aways when we can get them, playing new singles along side classics, and if you know a song you think we should play, tell us, and we'll track it down. But the chances are we will have it already.

Where Is My Mind? playing stuff like this

black dice//the mars volta//kings of convenience//the postal service// desaparecidos//devotchka//bowie//rilo kiley//we were promised jetpacks//why? weezer//DFA1979//bloc party//metric//joy division//rival schools//architecture in helsinki//yeah yeah yeahs//animal collective//flipper//the hives//93 million miles//radiohead//health//led zeppelin//at the drive in//blur//the smiths//kings of leon//biffy clyro//tv on the radio//test icicles//the octopus project//chrome hoof//the clash//the feelies//pulp//three trapped tigers//arcade fire//liquid liquid//head automatic//eels//rolo tomassi//r.e.m//the mai shi//no age// wavves//devo//violent femmes//we are scientists//the blood brothers//battles//foo fighters//eat skull//women//liars//broken social scene//frightened rabbit//edan//dogs//white demin//abe vigoda//aids wolf//vampire weekend//these arms are snakes//rolo tomassi//lovvers//japanther//holy fuck etc etc etc etc etc etc

see you there!

reply on this FB event wall saying ''i wanna come in for a pound'' and get in for a pound

simple as!

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