Monday, 7 September 2009

Shockwaves Head to Head Challenge 1987

In 1987 Shockwaves from Wella released this stunningly designed cassette as part of a competition to find 'the most exciting and innovative music acts in the UK, plus the most outrageous and eye catching hairstyle.' I discovered this cassette in a charity shop circa 2005 and have been intrigued by it since, who won a guarenteed record release with Red Bus Records and got the chance to play live at the Hippodrome? And more importantly.... exactly how outrageous were the hairstyle entries? This is 1987 and this is a hair-gel promotion so surely they were pretty special, unfortunatly I can't find anything about this competition... I've contacted Shockwaves and Red Bus Records, there will be follow-up if I get a reply.


julian stewart said...

I was lead singer of a band called 'Change In Motion' from Newport, South Wales - we entered this competition and made it through to the final in 1987 and we played the Hippodrome!!We never won outright, but you never heard of the winners again and it was a great lifetime experience!!!
jules Newport.

Anonymous said...

I won prize as "most creative song writer" band was Filming in africa and we were runners up to "really for real" never heard of again. We were very close and played a show case months later in Glasgow. U can find on youtube, would love a copy of that cassette! !